Figueira Beach Rugby in Rugby World Mag

During 2016 in result of Francisco Isaac (responsible for some of the best media artcles about the event) great work, we were presented with the opportunity of having Figueira beach Rugby in the Rugby World September 2016 edition! We could not believe that our tournament would be in the pages of the Rugby Holy Bible!

Alan Pearey, one of the mag editor flew over and spent 3 days in Figueira experiencing the #beachRugbyMadness! It was certainly one of the biggest achievements for the FBR organization!

The Figueira Beach Rugby International 2016 edition was once again a huge success going beyond the game itself.

The FBRI is about much more than just playing Beach Rugby on the Beach. Hundreds of players (850) travelled to Figueira from many different nations, Spain, USA, Germany, Italy, Dubai, Belgium, Holland, France and England to experience what makes our sport unique…. the friendship, camaraderie and good vibes amongst everyone involved in the event. Smiles are in everyone´s faces and every game is a new opportunity to make new friends!

That´s why no matter if you win or lose all the games, at the end we all feel part of a big community with only one purpose…to enjoy the #BeachRugbyMadness!!!

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