What is Beach Rugby All About?!

For those who don’t know about Beach Rugby, here is a simple explanation: games have the duration of ten minutes. Each team has 12 players, five in-field while the rest wait anxiously outside. You can call for any sub as you like, there’s no limit, and the only rule is that you have to leave or enter the field by the try line area.

Beach Rugby Tournament
Tries count as one point each, there’s no kicking the ball, no rucks and you have to keep the ball alive. If the tackler catches you and holds you up for more than two seconds, a quick-tap penalty will be awarded to the defending team. There are no scrums, no lineouts or kicks. In beach rugby, there is only running with the ball! Passing it, scoring tries, tackle and turnover while the tackled player is more usually not on the ground (no rucks allowed).
Beach Rugby is All Go!!


There’s no place for failed tackles, you have to keep up the pace. And in the sand, just keep running and supporting your team mates. Sides with the best handling skills are the very best,and Last Word on Rugby Portuguese writer Francisco Isaac says;


    “above all else remember… don’t lose the ball!”


It’s quite an entertaining game to play and to watch. A festival weekend awaits both participants, and spectators. Quick paced action, it keeps anyone watching it interested.
Beach Rugby Tour
So with that quick explanation, you now understand the many reasons why Figueira Beach Rugby in every July is the place to be.
Hire a car, or travel on a bus or plane [or transfer your team, if you’re playing] and head to Figueira Beach Rugby to watch and live-large at an incredible tournament.
Beach Rugby Tour