5 Questions With…. Sander Van Wassenhove


1. Sander,  tell us how and when  the Ghent Magnets started?

R: It was back in 2008 when me and some players of Ghent Rugby U17 and U19 started a team for the Flanders Beach Tournament (back than in Wenduine). We actually prooved to be realy good and we became 7th, competing in the regular men’s competion. From than on it was a fixed tournament for us every year and we became better and better.

 2. Ghent Magnets are probably the most committed and organized Beach Rugby team, with you being one of the most enthusiastic player and manager. What can we expect from the team for 2014?

R: Haha thank you, I’m studying sportmanagement this year to even get better in it. The team of 2014 contains 26 players and we chose diffirent squads for each tournament. There are some new players and some guys who were injured last year than will rejoin us. So basicly we will have a very good squad (on paper). Of those new guys two of them played against your XV team in the six nations B.

 3. This year will be your third time in Figueira. How would you describe the event?

R: What I like about the event is the total package, it’s makes the job as EBRA teammanager so much easyer not having to book transport and hotels. The tournament itself is very well organized and it’s a lot of fun, on, and next to the pitch.

 4. Every year your team looks more strong and committed. What have been pushing you away from the finals in Figueira?

R: At first it’s the rules that were diffirent from the EBRA rules every year. We never realy adapted to them, but this year will be diffirent right? And second it’s the unexpected high level from the local Portugese teams. We’ve underestamated them plenty of times!

 5. What your thougts about the work EBRA has been doing, and your opinion about the future Beach Rugby in Europe.

R: I’ve been there from the start and I saw the proces that the beach rugby went trough. In such a short time the EBRA guys have done a lot of great work. I hope one day beach rugby can have the same impact as the HSBC World Sevens Series.

Thanks for your time and support .


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