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Beach 5s are Going Viral Series – Brazil


Hi Esteban,

1. You are Argentinian… how an Argentinian ends up organizing a Beach 5s event in a remote island of Brazil?

R: Beach Rugby has been around Morro de São Paulo Island for the last 15 years, brought by Argentinians. For many years we have discussed the idea of organizing a beach rugby tournament here. So my friend Le challenged me in 2013 to organize an International Beach Rugby Tournament, and here we are looking forward for the second edition.

 2. The tournament second edition will take place in November 2015. What are the expectations?

R: Our goal is to improve the tournament´s overall quality, guarantee better facilities and bring some more partners on board and increase the number of female teams. The event will be held at the second beach, the most popular beach of Morro de São Paulo and we are looking forward to have 10 male teams and 8 female teams participating. Promotion and PR are two crucial areas where we are investing. We already have confirmed the presence of a Tv Globo sports commentator, which is generating more awareness to the tournament. We want to keep developing the Beach Rugby in the Island at its grass root level, doing some workshops at local schools.

3. There are still many Beach Rugby tournaments played by teams of sevens players. Why did you choose to invest on the 5s version since the beggining?

R: The Beach Rugby Sevens are very popular in South América. However when we were discussing the possibility of organizing the tournament we did some research and found the 5s version more dynamic and appealing. We got in contact with Rui Loureiro from the Figueira Beach Rugby Tournament and EBRA board member who have helped us to start with this set of rules. It´s also important if you are looking to create a flow of teams amongst the tournaments to uniformize the rules.

4. How would you convince a team to participate in Morro The São Paulo Beach 5s?

R: For European teams it might look as a long trip, however it can be really rewarding and life changing. Morro de São Paulo is an unique place with good vibes around. Last year an english player said to me: “ I have played rugby in many places even in the snow, but here it willl be unforgettable. This is Rugby in Heaven”

 5. Beach 5s is going viral all over the world, currently played in every single Continent. How do you see the Beach 5s future?

R: Beach 5s future looks very promissing. The fact that you only need 5 guys to play makes it more easier to start, plus the set of rules makes this game a very intense and exciting game!10353034_537565479677108_131220605717079963_n

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