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Figueira Beach Rugby Legends ….. Caparica Sharks


 (ENG) FBR : Caparica Sharks were perhaps the first Portuguese team in this decade to form exclusively for the practice of Beach Rugby, being formed by players from several teams. How did this idea come about and who were #sharkfounders?

(ENG) CS : First of all, thank you very much for this opportunity, our sharkfans  already missed us and will certainly be much more relieved. Yes, it is true that we were the pioneers, and in recent years, many teams have been created inspired by our mystique, which is very good since they add a lot of quality and competitiveness to tournaments.
The sharkfounders are Francisco Cary and Manel Mourão and the team emerged from the desire of a group of friends from different clubs who came together to play and, above all, to have fun.


(ENG) FBR : Where are the Caparica Sharks at the moment and how do they see the future of the team?

(ENG) CS: Don’t you watch National Geographic? It is not new for anyone that sharks are going through troubled times. But without a doubt that we are going to overcome this situation, we have a sharkacademy full of talent ready to surprise everyone  Watch out!


(ENG) FBR: In your opinion, which is the strongest team that you have faced in the sands?

(ENG) CS: Difficult to say. But, it should be noted, that the games between us in the warm-up also demand a lot, since we always have very strong teams.

Beach Rugby Tournament

FBR: What are the requirements to be selected for the Shark school?

(ENG) CS: Do pre-season at a rugby club, celebrate a try with finsup, be vegetarian and know how to swim.


(ENG)   FBR: The first appearance of Caparica Sharks on the sands of Figueira da Foz dates back to 2012. What does Figueira Beach Rugby represent for #sharkfamily?

(ENG) CS: They usually say that we should never go back to a place where one has already been happy. We totally disagree, Figueira Beach Rugby holds a very special place in the heart of all sharks and we plan to return for many more years.

Caparica Sharks

(ENG)  FBR: We heard that there are plans in 2020 to present an under 18 team. Can you confirm this information?

(ENG) CS: Figueira Leaks? Who told you that? I bet it was the dolphins again. The medical department and the management of the club are anxiously following the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic following the recommendations of the WHO and the DGS. We can guarantee that our main concern is the health of all sharks, we will continue to contact the tournament organization to see if the conditions necessary for the participation of Caparica Sharks in this edition are met.

Beach Rugby Tournament

(ENG) FBR: In your opinion, which role can and should Beach Rugby play in the rugby global scenario?

(ENG) CS: Beach rugby brings together all the values of the sport we love. A group of friends who join for the pure taste of rugby but always with the ambition to win.


(ENG) FBR: What message would you like to send to the entire #BeachRugbyMandess community?

(ENG) CS: We are dying to go back to our favorite hunting ground and to be together with our sharkfans, don’t worry, we will be there!