Sand Warriors


Country : France

Year Of Foundation : 2015

Tournaments : EBRA: La haye X2 , MarseilleX3, FIGUEIRA X1 BarceloneX1. Bournemouth X1. Non EBRA : Brigandze X4, Bruxelles Beach X1

Major Achievements : 3rd place at Barcelone, Bournemouth and Bruxelles 2 times winer’s (2018, 2019) of Brigandze Beach in Belgium.

Team Values : The love of Sharing, the fair play and our resilience spirit.

Message to The #BeachRuggers Community : In theses difficult times that the humanity is going through the boulbees wish the world strength and courage. The last thing that is lost is hope and that’s why we hope to see you all on shape on FIGUEIRA beach to share a rugby ball, a BeachRugby pitch and many beers!

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