With only 2,5 months of preparation the Figueira Beach Rugby 2021 , was by far the most challenging edition ever. Months of uncertainty, days and days of darkness anxiety and disappointment, suddenly disappeared. Finally we could see the light! Contacts started pouring in our  email boxes. The Global #BeachRugby family seemed to  slowly  resurrect from a long hibernation hungry to live #BeachRugbyMadness vibes again.

Dive at Figueira Beach Rugby

The challenge was enormous, but we felt it like the mission of our lives. We had to put it up no matter what. And you know what?! ….. It was a Hell of a Weekend !

The 2021 #FigueiraBeachRugby was never about winning or losing! It was all about sharing the love and the good vibes so much in need in our world ! We Did It In Great Style! 

Figueira Beach Rugyb Snapshots

30 teams , 16 Men and 14 Women representing Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany we present on the event´s 11th edition!

Our main goal was achieved! The world was contaminated with love and compassion in your every smile  and laugh during  this weekend !

We were All Winners !

Beach Rugby Celebration

Figueira Beach Rugby 2021 Final Standings

Figueira Beach Rugby 2021 Final Standings

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