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Cheeta´s in Figueira Beach Rugby 2022

Team Name : Cheetah’s (but at the tournament we are: Plastic Fantastic & Pink Stiletto’s)

Country : Netherlands

Year of Foundation : We are a combined team with players from RFC Haarlem and RC Den Helder and are playing together for a couple of years under the name (the mighty) Cheetah’s. You are going to Hear us Roar!
RC Den Helder was founded in 1975. RFC Haarlem was founded in 1980 and the RCF Haarlem female squad was founded 2008.

Major Achievement ? : Womens 2nd Div Champions ’16/17 & ’21/’22
But one thing we are actually more proud of that we managed to increase our numbers during the pandemic and really have grown as a team during that time.

Team Values : Fun, Inclusion, Respect, Sportsmanship & Teamwork. We strive to have a positive impact on the development of rugby for girls.

Message to the #BeachRuggers Community :
We are coming to Figueira da Foz with 26 women and 2 coaches for our annual tour. Some of us are going to have their first beach rugby experience and some have played it plenty of times before. We are very looking forward to our trip to Portugal and have a taste of your famous atmosphere, drinks, and beaches. But foremost to have some oval fun in the sun!
“Come on Barbie, Let’s go Party!”

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