What´s Ahead

Figueira Beach Rugby Festival, the most iconic European Beach Rugby Festival is just around the corner and we couldn´t be more amped for what´s ahead!

In 2023 the record of teams in the event will be broken. 55 teams overall, 36 men and 19 women teams will come together in Figueira to celebrate the #BeachRugbyMadness Vibes.

In its 13th edition Figueira Beach Rugby will host some of the most iconic Beach Rugby teams as well as a lot of new teams which have decided to give a try in the most exciting format of Rugby

Check the Full List of teams below ( in update…)

If the competitive side of the tournament is something we really value, it´s not a lie that we value as much if not more, the social side of te tournament. The Good Vibes of Friendship and Camaraderie are something very important for us as organisers. The world is definitely in much need of love and empathy, so that´s the reason we thrive so much to create such a good atmosphere amongst all who decide to join our community of #BeachRuggers.

Music and Party are two ingredients we definitely think are key to achieve the state of sharing, kindness and togetherness so characteristic of the event.

The iconic Sunset Parties will be ON, but we have some surprises for you. For 2023 you can expect an on site area where teams can hang out, share experiences and listen some tunes while the games unfolds in the pitches. We are also very excited with possibility of having a new stage for the Saturday night gathering party.

We really wanna to create something special for 2023 we need you to make it real !!!

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