The world is definitely not living a great moment.

Too many people in this beautiful planet heart has not the possibility to live in peace and harmony. When we think about the reasons why so many millions of people can´t just live a life of peace and dignity, we realise that a few have the  power to instigate the  hate and violence amongst human beings that are naturally born with the capacity to embrace difference and diversity.

The proof of that is what we witness every year for the last 13 years in Figueira, a small coastal town where hundreds of people from different countries, religions and social backgrounds come together celebrate what the world has the most valuable, the love and respect for other human beings.

We wish we could live 365 days a here like we do over the 3 days of #BeachRugbyMadness !

Definitely what the world needs is hugs !

Figueira Beach Rugby _ Hugs
Figueira Beach Rugby_Hugs_3
Figueira Beach Rugby_Hugs_1
Figueira Beach Rugby_ Hugs_2
Figueira Beach Rugby_Hugs_4
Figueira Beach Rugby_Hugs_5
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