Meet The Destination

Known as the Queen Of The Beachs of Portugal, Figueira da Foz has a special mystic, dating back to the past when it was one of the top destinations of European royalty! One hour and half from Lisbon, Figueira is a hot tourism spot to go, as the hotels or modern day ‘Air B&Bs’ are […]

Figueira Beach Rugby in Rugby World Mag

During 2016 in result of Francisco Isaac (responsible for some of the best media artcles about the event) great work, we were presented with the opportunity of having Figueira beach Rugby in the Rugby World September 2016 edition! We could not believe that our tournament would be in the pages of the Rugby Holy Bible!Alan […]

Why is Figueira So Special ?!

The Figueira Beach Rugby International 2016 edition was once again a huge success going beyond the game itself. The FBRI is about much more than just playing Beach Rugby on the Beach. Hundreds of players (850) travelled to Figueira from many different nations, Spain, USA, Germany, Italy, Dubai, Belgium, Holland, France and England to experience […]

What is Beach Rugby All About?!

For those who don’t know about Beach Rugby, here is a simple explanation: games have the duration of ten minutes. Each team has 12 players, five in-field while the rest wait anxiously outside. You can call for any sub as you like, there’s no limit, and the only rule is that you have to leave […]

5 Reasons Why Figueira Beach Rugby Will be Your Most Memorable Beach Rugby Tour

Sunny and warm weather, an awesome shore-line, a fantastic, inviting beach plus cold and cheap beverages… what more could any sports fan want? Maybe… some Rugby! Beach Rugby is the sum of all those details, mixing into an incredible and powerful ‘cocktail of rugby’ with some partying thrown in to boot, that makes many reasons […]