Chritian Quintane

FBRI: Hi Christian! The Minots have confirmed their presence in the Figueira Beach Rugby 2020 edition. What are your expectations for the tournament?

CQ: The Minots will be present at the Figueira da Foz tournament, because I consider as many people that the Figeira da Foz tournament is the most important beach rugby tackle tournament, both in terms of the number of teams and the level of these teams. The Minots make the Figueira da Foz tournament, because it is a very well organized tournament where we meet a lot of foreign and Portuguese teams, it allows us to share impressions on the future of the beach rugby.
All the major nations are represented, not with two players from a country plus ten local players (as in other tournaments), but with teams that are really made by players os its nationality representing their nations.
My main expectation is to be able to exchange ideas with the other teams as we have been doing for a long time, last year, we exchanged a lot with the CDUL, the BOULBEACH, the MAGNETS, the RANDUBA, the PACIFICS ISLANDERS, which are teams with whom we get along very well.


FBRI: You are one of the most awarded coaches in the history of Beach Rugby. How do you see the present and the future of beach rugby?

CQ: Currently, beach rugby is going through a crisis. I think that some people aim more for personal interest than collective interests which obviously harms the progress of beach rugby.
In France it is very complicated, for the moment the French rugby federation, only recognizes¬†touch beach rugby , which makes us outlaws, but as I am part of the national beach commission, I try on my scale to get things done, I’m going to try to bring FFR managers to Figueira to show them what beach rugby tackle really is.
It is very complicated to guess the future of beach rugby as long as the people at the head of an association do not agree to exchange with others, and to accept positive criticisms aimed at advancing the beach.


FBRI: What message would you like to send to all the teams that will be present in Figueira?

CQ: We are sure that the teams will respond present at Figueira, the beach where the best teams compete, we invite you to RANDUBA 2, MAGNETS, PACIFICS ISLANDERS, BOULBEACH, PADOVA with the legendary coach Enrique Alfa Gottarlo, we hope that our RUSSIAN friends will be present, the CDUL and SHARKS as well as all the Portuguese teams who respond present each year, to be able to make the biggest beach rugby festival in the world.
The Minots are happy to find the old formula over two days.
I am communicating my calendar with the Minots, you will understand that there is no EBRA tournaments since I have been forbidden to participate in any EBRA tournament. By law, when a person is sentenced, he is entitled to a defense, unfortunately not in a dictatorship. …….
The Minots may be doing tournaments without me, but I can’t name them.
8/9 May IBIZA BEACH to tackle
June 13/14 SEVENS elite PARIS
June 27/28 SEVENS elite final MONTPELLIER
4/5 July BEACH to stick FIGUEIRA DA FOZ
18/19 July SEVENS European Championship in PRAGUES
24/25 JULY BEACH with ANGLET touch
15/16 August BEACH to touch final French championship at GRUISSAN
You see, we have a busy schedule ……