Figueira da Foz is located in the Centre of Portugal, 40 minutes from Coimbra, one hour and half from Oporto and two hours from Lisbon.
Figueira da Foz is considered the Queen of the portuguese beaches. Figueira is a  popular touristic destination, welcoming all kinds of events year round. In Figueira there´s always something fun for everyone. The summer street´s are filled with young people. The bars and pubs attract many tourists which give a unique colour and vibe to warm lovely nights.
The large and beautiful sand beaches makes Figueira da Foz the best place to host this unique event.

That´s not a problem at all! We have all team levels represented. Many teams have their first contact with Beach Rugby in our event.
The way we schedule the event, is like the sevens tournament. After the groups stage, when you might face teams from different levels, the teams play for different levels of competition. For the first day teams are divided in groups of four. So it´s possible in the first day to see teams from different levels playing against each other. For the second day a second phase of groups is decided based on the first day results, so from there on, teams only play with other teams at the same level.

Most of the times we have contacts from local players looking for teams keen to host them for a great weekend of #BeachRugbyMadness. Get in contact with the organisation to sort that out.

We want to make team managers life easier as possible. So if it´s easier for you to manage your groups having them paying separately, for us it´s not a problem. We only ask for the payment receipt with team identification.

Subscribing the accommodation package, your team benefits from the airport transfers organised by the tournament organisation.

We don´t run private team transfers from and to the airports. Based on the teams and players flights arrivals and departure times, we schedule a transfers timetable for the day. We inform teams and players which transfers are them allocated to.

You can choose from two different packages :  Accommodation Package (which we strongly advise you to subscribe if you are travelling by plain) and the Basic Package. Check prices and what´s included here.