2022 Figueira Beach Rugby Festival Aftermovie is Out! Check the toutnament´s best moments.

Horny Chihuahua

Know more about the team Horny Chihuahua , confirmed for the 2022 Figueira Beach Rugby edition.

Beach Boars

Beach Boars team confirmed in Figueira Beach Rugby 2022 edition.

ASUB « les lionnes de Waterloo »

Team Name : ASUB « les lionnes de Waterloo » Country : Belgium Year of Foundation : 2010 Any Major Achievement ? : Fair Play and Commitment ! Team Values : It’s always a good game when you’re playing with good people #bluefamily Message to the #BeachRuggers Community : Our team was created in 2010 and since then […]


For every try scored during the Figueira Beach Rugby event the organization donates 0.10€ to a local social project.

2014 Official Aftermovie

2014 was one of the most memorable Figueira Beach Rugby editions ever! Check the 2014 #BeachRugbyMadness Moments ? SUBSCRIBE OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL JOIN THE #BEACHRUGBYMADNESS ???️ BOOK NOW

2021 Official Aftermovie

2021 was the most challenging Figueira Beach Rugby edition ever! With only 2,5 months of preparation due the Covid 19 Pandemic restritictions, we felt almost impossible to do it ! The challenge was enormous, but we felt it like the mission of our lives. We had to put it up no matter what. And you […]

2019 Official AfterMovie

In 2019 Figueira Beach Rugby was home for the European Beach Rugby Series Super Final! It was an unforgetable edition ! Check The 2019 Figueira Beach Rugby Best Moments ? SUBSCRIBE OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL JOIN THE #BEACHRUGBYMADNESS ???️ BOOK NOW