Team Name : Full Montes Beach Rugby Country : Spain Year Of Foudation : 2007 Tournaments : Santoña, Suances, Luanco, Mallorca, Cádiz, Tarifa, Ávila, Aeronáuticos, Arquitectura, Hortaleza y Majadahonda. Major achievements : 2nd Places in Mallorca and Ávila Tournaments Team Values : Friendship, Integrity and Respect Message to the #BeachRuggby Community : We really want […]

Beach 5s are Going Viral Series – New Zealand

Beach Rugby Tournament

Sol Henare is the Pacific Islanders Team founder and the guy pushing forward Beach 5s in New Zealand! Hi Sol! 1. You have been involved with Beach 5s foa a long time, and you are also the founder of Pacific Islanders Beach 5s team. What memories do you save from those times? R: My first […]

Beach 5s are Going Viral Series – Brazil

Beach Rugby Tournament

Hi Esteban, 1. You are Argentinian… how an Argentinian ends up organizing a Beach 5s event in a remote island of Brazil? R: Beach Rugby has been around Morro de São Paulo Island for the last 15 years, brought by Argentinians. For many years we have discussed the idea of organizing a beach rugby tournament […]