Fried Fish Sticks

Know more about Fried Fish Sticks team joining Figueira Beach Rugby 2022 edition.

Horny Chihuahua

Know more about the team Horny Chihuahua , confirmed for the 2022 Figueira Beach Rugby edition.


Know more about the Magnets Beach Rugby Team.

Beach Boars

Beach Boars team confirmed in Figueira Beach Rugby 2022 edition.

Les Redoubstables

Les Redoubstables team is confirmed in the 2022 Beach Rugby edition!


For every try scored during the Figueira Beach Rugby event the organization donates 0.10€ to a local social project.

2014 Official Aftermovie

2014 was one of the most memorable Figueira Beach Rugby editions ever! Check the 2014 #BeachRugbyMadness Moments 👇 SUBSCRIBE OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL JOIN THE #BEACHRUGBYMADNESS 🏉🍻🏖️ BOOK NOW