2021 Official Aftermovie

2021 was the most challenging Figueira Beach Rugby edition ever! With only 2,5 months of preparation due the Covid 19 Pandemic restritictions, we felt almost impossible to do it ! The challenge was enormous, but we felt it like the mission of our lives. We had to put it up no matter what. And you […]


Team Name : Full Montes Beach Rugby Country : Spain Year Of Foudation : 2007 Tournaments : Santoña, Suances, Luanco, Mallorca, Cádiz, Tarifa, Ávila, Aeronáuticos, Arquitectura, Hortaleza y Majadahonda. Major achievements : 2nd Places in Mallorca and Ávila Tournaments Team Values : Friendship, Integrity and Respect Message to the #BeachRuggby Community : We really want […]